How To Promote Your Music As an Upcoming Artists

How To Promote Your Music As an Upcoming Artists
Upcoming artists have this problem of music promotion and this is the reason most promising artist fail to attain success in Nigeria music industry because, music promotion is the key to success in the music industry. So lets go through this following ways of promotion of your music in the industry
The use of social is a key way to promote your music, these days social media has become popular to promote your music, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Most especially instagram, Instagram has been a breeding ground of star from comedy skits makers to music cover makers, It would be a shame if your content isn’t there competing as well. You can make short video clips of yourself rapping or singing and upload it. You could also use Instagram sponsored posts (which doesn’t cost much) to reach a lot more viewers. Guess what? You don’t need a high tech camera to do this, the camera on your android phone would do just fine.
Also set up a Facebook page as well as other social media accounts where you can constantly upload and share your content. Be sure to put up a link to your YouTube channel or your Soundify page on your profile. Almost every youth in Nigeria has a social media account so putting up your music on those platforms is surely a great way to promote your music in Nigeria. Remember this though, quality content and consistency is key, success doesn’t come overnight and a strong fan base takes time to build.
These shows helps you promote yourself and your music and also gives you the opportunity to make money in the process.
You can consider listening parties, Inform your fans about your plans to present a new song or the whole album before it is released, this helps build and strengthen your fan base.
Performing regularly at shows would expose you to a certain crowd, I’m talking about the fans who regularly attend. They will quickly get used to seeing you there and if your music and stagecraft is good, they will quickly convert to your fans. After each performance, make sure you give out your social media handles before leaving the stage for the sake of those who would like to follow your music online. This is a very effective way to promote your music in Nigeria.
These is one common way in the industry to promote your music, sharing your songs online helps you gain new fans, lot of music lovers are out looking for new sound to listen to and your song might be want the are looking for.
Platform like helps you in that aspect offering you a free platform to upload your songs to, You will gain more popularity and your songs will reach a wide audience when you offer your songs for free downloads, other free platforms you can upload your songs to are Reverbnation and Soundcloud, you can promote your download links to your fans on the social networking websites.
For you to keep your songs in circulation, ask your fans to check out your profile on these music sites and also share it with their friends. You should not show much concern on the income, as this becomes possible when your songs become popular and people will start calling you to perform at shows.
Making covers for a hit song is a great way for you to promote your music in Nigeria. Hit songs are popular already and DJs love playing around with remixes. A good cover would easily catch the attention and interest of the listening public since they are already familiar with the original version. Another advantage of doing covers is that when a fan Google searches for the original, your own version could pop up in the result page. Just make sure it’s dope!<br />Popular musicians like Yung6ix, Adekunle Gold, Rema etc. This artist came into lime light through the use of this methods, you also can be one of them.
It is very important to jump on as many songs as you can it pushes your creativity, helps your development as an artist and also increase your exposure to the industry.
Collaboration is a powerful tool for your music promotion, It is one of the fastest ways to promote your music and grow your fan base because you will have the opportunity to get your music in front of a new group of people.
Choose to collaborate with musicians whose fans would love and appreciate your music, and also work with bands with the same or large fan base, also note that some collaborations will do more harm than good and you must avoid them as much as possible.
The street is also a powerful tool in music promotion, you notice that every music artist always try to connect with the streets, the reason is simple — The streets has always been the stronger fan base for all A list artist. Concentrate on the neighborhood where you reside first. Take your songs to the street DJs and local beer parlours and have them play it. You could do complimentary voice-drops for the local DJs and perform at the local bars on weekends or on special occasions. Be part of your neighborhood street shows and connect with other good artistes in your area. Slowly, you see your music spread into other other streets
When you want to promote your music, you should remember that you need to take advantage of all the various tools necessary for running the promo successfully.
Don’t just rely on one method to promote your music, but diversify your efforts for a wider result.
Know that no matter how good you think you music is without promotion it would be a flop

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