UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman Thinks Colby Covington Should Be In The Top 15 Welterweight Of All Time

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Sat 09, October, 2021 01:54pm · Web
UFC welterweight champion , Kamaru Usman thinks Colby Covington should be in the top 15 welterweights of all time. During an interview with Helen Yee Sports of Kamaru Usman pointed out that despite the hatred for each other, he believes Colby at the top of the welterweight rank.

"He's definitely up there. I'm no hater. I give props to who props is due. I will put him in top 15 welterweight of all time as far as fighter wise and skill wise and the way that he fights. You might not like him personally, which I really don't, but as far as skill wise, I know he's a very good fighter"

Kamaru Usman was also asked about his tweet where he said he'd like to see Nick Diaz fight again. Usman responded by saying that Nick Diaz should fight a fight that makes sense and be more strategic with the fight that he picks.

"He has to fight a fight that makes sense to him. That fight with Robbie Lawler was an entertaining fight. For being out for so long for over 6 years, it's challenging to be able to come out and people expect him to perform as he used to at the height of his career. But from what I saw, I thought he did aa great job. Obviously Robbie was just too much and I picked Robbie to win the fight because he has been active. Robbie is a tough dude. But I like what I saw from Nick Diaz and I think if he's willing to come back, he should be smarter with the fight he picks because he's actually in the position to pick fights. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Mat Brown throw down. I think that's a tremendous fight -him and Mat Brown. That's a great fight and I wouldn't mind seeing that"

When asked what his fans should expect in the November 6 rematch between him and Colby, he said, "The same as the first fight. I actually was having fun in that fight. That was a fight where I was having fun so much that I actually forgot I was in a fight and my coaches had to remind me to be mentally focused and go get the guy out of there and that was what I did. I want a fun fight but I know I can't fight like that in every fight because that's not good for my career but we'll see what he brings. If he brings his 'A' game then it's gonna be a fun fight, but if he doesn't then I think it'll probably be a short night for him"

Helen Yee also asked him if finishing Colby will be the only thing that will satisfy him, Usaman said it doesn't really matter. He said his style of fighting is to totally dominate his opponent from through out the course of the fighting and leave them with a feeling and realization that they can never beat him.

"The way I fight, I want to dominate a guy from start to finish. I want to outclass a guy. I want a guy to go home and when he lays down on the bed at night, the will be like, 'sh*t, that guys is better than me. there is nothing I can do to beat him'. That's what I want. That's the feeling I want from these guys each and every of my fights but of course, the finish is great and that's something that people highly anticipate from me right now"

After defeating Tyron Woodley to become the champion, Kamaru Usman defended his title against Colby Covington in in the UFC 245 main event that held on December 14, 2019 via a 5th round knock out win. Usman has fought Fought George Masvidal twice and Gilbert Burns since winning his title. Colby Covington, the number 1 contender of the welterweight division has fought only Tyron Woodley since losing to Kamaru Usman.

Usman and Covignton has been scheduled for a rematch on November 6th, 2021 in New York to headline the PPV event of UFC 268.

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