#FOCUS: Rising Artist - Bincozy

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On this edition of #FOCUS on Soundify Magazine we are focusing on fast-rising artist, Bincozy based in Abuja Nigeria.
#FOCUS: Rising Artist - Bincozy

On this edition of #FOCUS on Soundify Magazine we are focusing on fast-rising artist, Bincozy based in Abuja Nigeria. Most of you that do not know Bincozy are missing out big time on his good music, I want to bring you guys closer to Bincozy, On this Edition of #FOCUS we Featuring Bincozy and you would Get to know Bincozy and his music.

Can you tell us who is Bincozy?

My name is Owoicho Benson, I go by the stage name Bincozy. Bincozy is a boy from Benue State, who grew up in Kano State and later relocated to Benue state due to the Boko Haram Crisis which is where I started music.

How has it been growing up?

Growing up has not been easy for me since I left my parents to start my music career in Abuja I have been paying my bill and it been difficult for me I would lie.

What Motivated you to do music?

I grew up with friends that loved music, I remember my friends Slezy J and late Slixx (May his soul Rest in Peace) recorded a song title Sholi Say She Wants More and i loved it, that ginger me to go record my first song with Mostnoble but doing music at first was to please girls before I saw that there was more to music, since then wizkid and other nigerian artistes has been my motivation, they have given me many reasons to do music.

Your Musical Influences

I'm Influenced by anybody that does Good Music and greatly influenced by wizkid and he is my role model I look up to him in the music industry.

What Type of Music do you do?

I do afrobeats , Afrobeat trap and hip-hop, i generally do Good Music.


You Released an EP earlier this year tell us about it?

Yea, I released an EP which was titled Thecozyway, I actually droped the EP to boost my hype for people get to know me who Bincozy is and to be honest it truly worked, it increased my fan base massively. You guys can check it out, google Bincozy Thecozyway it availabe on lot of Streaming Platforms out there.


What's your thought on the Nigeria music industry?

I think there is need, for increase in the support of upcoming artists and also it needs a new touch, in the aspect of new melodies to sustain it, which i think is what the new generation artists are doing at the moment.

You have a new project coming soon can you give us some details about it?

It's a new Album I call AfroBenue EP, this project has the new school touch I was talking about, and also I did this EP to represent where I'm from.

When are your fans to expect it?

Next Month, December 5th 2020.

Attention on social media, How does it affect you?

Something it make you want to stop music imagine putting your best to something and people don't love it.

Musical plans for the nearest future and big
collaboration(s) in store

Don't want to talk about it for now, but my fans should expect the best of Bincozy.

Under Any record label or group?

I'm an Independent artist, the rest is a low matter too for now ,next year you would all get to find out.

Words for your fans?

They should just be expecting a no bad song EP.

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