Music Apps You Need To Have As An Artiste

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If you’re an artiste here are some apps to help you keep your career on track, save time and make life easier along your journey!
Music Apps You Need To Have As An Artiste

As an artiste or producer, there are quite a number of applications one needs to have handy, at any particluar time or place you can be inspired to record or create a beat and not be opportuned to go to a studio then these apps comes to minds.


Here’s a few apps that I rate most important for artistes and producers to have on their mobile phones be it Android or IOS.

    1. Sound Recorder: The sound recorder is an important app for an artiste or producer to have on his/her phone and the importance cannot be over emphasized. A melody could just pop in your head or mind at any time and you can’t trust your memory 100% to keep the song or sound intact for your remembrance till you get to your PC or studio (which could take a very long time). Recording on your phone is always a good way to remember as you can always play the recorded song and even work on making it better, its a music app you need to have .

    1. Music Sharing Apps: Audiomack, soundcloud, Soundify are the new wave apps for uploading your music as an artist. Most artistes don’t share links to download their songs these days, they just give you their Audiomack or Soundcloud username and you get to listen/download all their works that has been uploaded and as an artiste you don’t want to be left behind. These apps allows you to upload your music or an instrumental created by you, follow other artistes and producers, get followed, recommend other artistes and producers and get recommended. This is a great app for both artistes and producers looking to get an audience, you definitely want to have an app to push your artistry or upload instrumentals you’ve made for people to listen and appreciate, which is a great way of advertising one’s works. Having these app handy will also help in learning from others in your field as well as connecting easily with them should you need to work together.

    1. Notepad: Its a must have app for an artiste and its Equally as important or even more than the Sound recorder is the notepad. Having the notepad will help to type down musical ideas, lyrics, concepts or observations made from other artistes or producer’s works. Going back to reading what you wrote can also be refreshing as it shows how good the state of your artistry is and gives room for improvements where needed.


    1. Music Player: Of course everyone might see this as a norm to have just as a music loving human but as an artiste or a producer, you have to always be able to listen to music either by you or other artistes and it might not necessarily be for listening pleasure but to learn or maybe see a style you want to adapt for your next song or beat or simply just to get material you want to sample.


    1.  Beat Maker: This is more for producers than artistes but there’s no harm in an artiste playing around with a beat maker, you might even come up with an idea that you’ll like to pass on to your producer much later. This is definitely a must have for producers to have, to always be ready for spontaneous creative moments or simply to try out a technique or to wile away time while learning at the same time.


Finally You also need to share your music with an audience that’s made just for you.

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