#FOCUS: Interview with Abexy

Our latest lead character on this edition of #FOCUS interview on Soundify is fast rising artiste who goes by the stage name Abexy. In Nigeria music industry only few artistes make songs with meaningful lyrics but he’s a master lyricist, his songs always has the good vibes. Let me get you familiar with rising music act Abexy Tunes

Can you tell us a little about yourself, who is Abexy?

My names are Abere Abiodun Batholomew, I was born in Ilawe Ekiti,Ekiti state, but I grew up in Nassarawa state, I attended His Excellency Academy Aso Pada for my primary education and I also attended Government secondary Koroduma Central for my secondary education all in Nasarawa State.

What was it like growing up for you?

Growing up for me as a boy child has never been an easy thing, simply because everyday when I wake up, I always have the mindset of becoming the man I’ve always want be.

What Motivated you to do music?

What really motivated me in the first place was my background, I was born into an extended family and we’ve got doctors, lawyers and so many ambitious set of people. At the age of 14 I just said since everyone are choosing their career that way, I guess I would have to make a difference in that aspect of choosing a career. That I would say was my first motivation to do music.

How did your Family take your decision?

At first my parent never loved my pattern of music, because of their believe “That music is for the irresponsible, and people without home training”.

But I never allowed that believe to weigh down my spirit and mindset, I just kept pushing till my music got to an extent where they got no choice than to accept me.

What type of music do you do?

I do rap music and afrobeat as my primary genre, but as an entertainer I\’m good to go on any once the beat is nice for me to eat up.

Which artiste influences your Style of Music?

WIZKID I would say has influenced the singing part of me in so many ways, and also WALE has influenced the rap side of me as an artiste.

Role model in the Music industry

It’s Wizkid anytime.

Can you tell us a little about any of your previous Projects?

Uhmmm, the biggest project I’ve worked on as an upcoming artiste was my EP THE BLOCKBUSTER EP, and that was the project that really showcased me within my locality, I dropped the EP last year December 20th 2019, and six months later I also embarked on THE GOLDEN PROJECT. Although TGP (THE GOLDEN PROJECT) is not an official project, it’s a compilation body of work which I just decided to release as singles, and also my  single AWAY is also enlisted there.

How was the reception of THE BLOCKBUSTER EP

It was encouraging, it did increase my fanbase. Even before the release of the EP, it was hyped for good six months and simply because of that, alot of people were eager to listen to what I’ve got to deliver, the project also gave my fans a strong believe and more reasons to always support my sound anytime any day.

What Inspired the Song AWAY?

AWAY is a song I specially did for someone I love so dearly, but I’ve never for once get that love in return. So painful right? but we move. The song was for made for lovebirds.

Hobbies / Likes and Dislikes

I love swimming alot and I also love traveling too, I like people with loyal heart and I dislike inferior complexity, looking down on another man’s hustle is what I dislike.

Social Media Towards Your Music

The social media has been helpful alot to my music, and I can boldly say that 80% of people that really appreciate my sounds are people I’ve not seen before or meet in person, social media deserves the credit for that.

Future plans

Nothing much for now though, but I’ve got one collective body of work coming from my team next year.

Are you under any Record Label?

I’m just a solo artist doing my thing, but I’ve got an hype team working hand in hand with me to help push my craft on social media platforms.

Words for your Fans

With full support they’ve been riding with me throughout, and all I’ve got say is there are lot of good music in store for them, and lastly I wanna say I love them inna million.




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